Dates and Registration

New sessions starting in January 2017 for four Monday’s in a row starting on the 9th!  We take only 10 per session!

Cost – $600!  That is way cheaper than any other program.  Plus, we just slashed our price to under $500!!!!!

–  $499.00 one time fee.

–  $100 charged every month for six months.  Email Mark Brooks for details at

Gives you and any member of your staff or church access to each session, log in access for all the materials AND your own capital campaign consultant assigned to you for direct access.

After sign up you will be contacted to schedule your session slot.

Here is what you get:

  • An assigned experienced consultant that you can contact throughout your campaign to answer your questions and provide the personalized help you need.
  • All written materials you need for every team and task.
  • Access to The Online Campaign website.
  • One price admits an unlimited number of people to the site.
  • 8 Teaching Sessions covering…

It Starts With A Vision – How to craft your vision for maximum results!

  • Overview of course and capital campaigns
  • Understanding the 3 C’s of your vision
  • Crafting a vision case statement

Setting Realistic Targets – How to start right to end right!

  • The State of the Plate and how that will impact your campaign
  • Understanding the key factors in the decline of giving and what that means to you
  • Pledge to budget ratios
  • Understanding where the dollars come from

Leading Leader To Lead – How to identify and cultivate giving leaders.

  • The reality of every capital campaign
  • How to identify and cultivate giving leaders

Campaign Boot Camp – Mastering the basics of a capital campaign

  • Team versus Platform Driven campaigns
  • How to build out the team you need for maximized success

The Fourth C – How to communicate your vision through:

  • Print materials
  • Social Media
  • Online communications

The Power of the Pulpit (or Platform) – How to preaching for success.

  • Preaching basics for the campaign.
  • How to make the “Ask.”

Its Not Fund Raising it is Faith Raising – How to spiritually engage your congregation

  • The power of prayer
  • The 3 Levels of prayer
  • Practical pray plans

Follow Up – Commitment cards are cool but nothing beats CASH!

  • How to build out an immediate follow up plan to get members started giving.
  • Question and Answer